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Yoga Weekend Retreat

 14-16. September 2018

YES, you CAN do something nice for yourself, whilst also taking care of your community and the planet. Join our PEACE OF MIND weekend (re)treat.

This weekend is firstly about taking care of yourself. I think we can all agree that it can feel really nice to leave family, work, familiar surroundings & routines behind, and having to look only after oneself. And what better way to do so, then to place yourself in a beautiful setting with a laid-back atmosphere, where there is wholesome food and yoga/movement classes you can join?

But there is more beauty to this weekend get-away than meets the eye. We believe that it shouldn’t only benefit our personal health but also that of our local community & planet. How? Well, by consciously choosing to stay at the local venue Smedehytten (and Smedehytten’s values are truly inspiring, you can read more about them here; http://smedehytten.dk/hvem-er-vi/) AND by carefully selecting the ingredients for the nutritious meals (based on the way they have been produced and where), we try to take our carbon footprint into consideration and place great value on “going local”.

The last element about this PEACE OF MIND weekend is that everyone should have acces to it. How do we make that possible whilst also covering our expenses (otherwise we need to cancel it)? The idea is that the more people come, the less the cost of the (re)treat is.
Our expenses for the weekend are as follows;
6300 dk for the venue
4000 salary for Kim and myself
1700 for the food
So 12000 dk in total. A minimum of 7 people is required, each one then having to pay 1700 dkk. BUT;
if 9 people come, the price of the weekend is 1300 dkk
if 12 people come, the price is 1000 dkk
if 14 people (max) come, the price is 860 dkk.

Now how does that NOT sound good ;)?

We think it sounds really good; it’s earth care, people care and fair share all in one.

So come on people, spread the good word, and let’s make this happen!

MERE INFO & REGISTRATION: ring Krista 27824112, eller skriv kklijzing@yahoo.com

Lederkursus – Motivation og fastholdelse

3. Oktober 2017 kl. 9-17

Pris. 2100kr. + moms (dækker kursus, forplejning og opfølgning)

Kurset foregå i en dynamisk afveksling mellem oplæg, arbejde med dine egne planer, øvelser inde og ude af erfaringsudveklinger, hvor I inspirerer og lærer af hinanden.

Vi arbejder med:

  • Hvad sker der i tankerne hos medarbejderne? – Og hvad det betyder for deres indsats.
  • Ledelse – din indsats!- af motivation.
  • Branding og stolthed indadtil i virksomheden.


telefon: 22 34 54 26
email: lene@oernstroem.dk